Diversified Signs & Graphics

We recently redesigned the website for a local signage company. Diversified Signs & Graphics is a manufacturing power house that produces some of the highest quality signs in the Carolinas. We created a photo driven site with a strong industrial feel. The site features a large selection of photos and really shows the wide variety of signage that Diversified Signs manufactures. We enjoyed teaming with Diversified Signs to create this site. Just click on the link below to take it on a test run.


  • Featured a large selection of Diversifed Signs.
  • Showcased the fabrication/manufacturing image.
  • Allows clients to contact & request quotes.
  • Created a site that can be easily updated.

Clover LEAF Foundation

Clover LEAF Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports the Clover School District by giving grants to teachers. They wanted to get the word out and promote the foundation, and that’s where we came in. We designed a fast and friendly website along with an iconic logo. By having a strong web presence, they are now able to raise more funds for the program. Don’t you just love when a plan comes together?
  • Featured the history of the foundation.
  • Showcased the teachers and their projects.
  • Allows teachers to apply using the new site.
  • Created a site that is easy to update.

Diversified Channel Letters

This website is unique in that it focuses solely on one product. The site was created to attract wholesale channel letter business. Diversified Channel Letters new site features the wide variety of channel letter solutions. Diversified can receive quotes and generate interest in a particular product. This boosts the sales in the exact product category targeted by Diversified. Click the link below and see for yourself what makes this site special.


  • Featured a large selection of channel letters
  • Showcased the quote/proposal process
  • Allows clients to contact & request quotes.

Greater Clover Chamber of Commerce

We redesigned the Clover Chamber of Commerce website last year with this beautiful, responsive site. The website accomplishes the main goal of the Chamber. It features a calendar of events to keep Chamber members informed and it provides great information for business owners and start-ups. We were honored to be selected to work with the Clover Chamber of Commerce and we are a member as well. At Approved, we love to help out local business in any way possible.


  • Provides useful Chamber and small business information.
  • Allows forms to be downloaded to help grow membership.
  • Features a calendar of events.
  • Responsive and looks great on any device.

Eastern Solutions

The goal of the Eastern Solutions website was to inform potential Eastern clients of what the company has to offer. With this site we had to dive deep into the world of environmental sampling and monitoring. The website showcases and has specifications for over 75 different pieces of equipment. We highlighted the products and services that make Eastern Solutions so special and gave the company a better, more attractive image to help bring in new clients.


  • Featured all the products that Eastern offers
  • created a comprehensive brand to better represent the company
  • showcases and explains special services offered by Eastern
  • Created a site that is easily updatable for expanding inventory

Clover Chiropractic Care

Dr. Michael Schonfeld approached us to help with his new practice opening in Clover and we jumped at the chance. We helped the doctor create a new logo and also carried the brand throughout the website. The site is very informative and helps Clover Chiropractic Care in many ways. It informs the public of his business hours, it supplies downloadable forms, and creates an easy way to contact Dr. Schonfeld.


  • Featured a great deal of Chiropractic information
  • provides an easy way for Dr Sconfeld to stay in touch with his patient base
  • provides information about the office and hours of opperation
  • Created a site that is easily updatable

Panther Van Man

The Panther Van Man website is Fan Central! The mission of this website was to create a central location for all of the Panther Man Van’s Tailgating activities. The site allows PVM to showcase game day highlights and tells the story of a man, his love for a the home team, and his one of a kind van. Lynn is probably the greatest most dedicated Panther fan on earth today and we had a great time teaming with him to create this fun website. We are huge Panther fans as well and really loved helping the Panther Van Man to establish his brand.


  • created an online fan gallery for photos and videos
  • reinforced the recently created PVM brand
  • Showcase the Van itself and what makes it special

Kings Mountain Chapel

For Kings Mountain Chapel the aim was to create a simple, but effective website. The church needed a platform for announcements and a calendar of events. The new website fits the bill. Kings Mountain is a beautiful little chapel with a rich history.  The website gives the history of the chapel and is a hub for all church activity.


  • showcase the beauty and history of KMC
  • Created a calendar of events for the church
  • Featured the ministries and history of KMC
  • Created a site that is easily updatable

Meares Paint & Body

For Meares Paint and Body we created a nice little website that does several things for their business. The website tells the family history of the paint and body shop. It effectively showcases the custom work that Meares is known for with B&B custom paint and project photos can be easily added. The painters blog allows Meares Paint and Body to give status updates to clients and helps to showcase the wide variety of services that they offer.


  • Features the family history associated with the business
  • Showcases the custom paint work from B&B
  • Set up a blog feature to be used to update clients
“It has been great working with these local designers developing high-quality products used in promoting programs and services of the Clover School District. They are extremely professional in their approach and execution of projects and have been phenomenal to work with. They continue to deliver projects that exceed my expectations!”

Mychal Frost
Clover School District

“I am so glad that I had AGD design my logo. It is not only beautiful, it does what a logo should do; it states without words exactly what I do and where I am. It brands Clover Chiropractic Care and I use it everywhere, from letterhead and business cards, to pens and of course on my signs. After they did this, I was so happy that I gave them my ideas for a web site and once again they came through. They incorporated their artistic talents along with their web design knowledge and created a website I am proud of.”

Micheal Schonfeld
Clover Chiropractic Care

“Time after time, Approved Graphics has turned our concepts for logos and brands into exactly what we wanted.”

Allison Harvey
Town of Clover, South Carolina

“When our non-profit riding center decided to start a new fundraiser, we turned to the guys Approved Graphic Design to create a label for our coin collection cans. After our experience with Lee in the past, it was an easy decision.”

Wendy Schonfeld
RideAbility Therapeutic Riding Center

“When looking for a designer to develop unique and one-of-a-kind marketing materials for our state conference we found a gem with Approved Graphics. The hand drawn sunset of the Cooper River in Charleston concept was unbelievable. Conference attendees commented frequently throughout our program. Several participants were lucky enough to win canvas prints of the custom artwork.”

Mychal Frost
South Carolina/NSPRA

“In the words of the late, great Stuart Scott: “BOOOYAH!” The guys at Approved Graphic Design come through again!”

John Gordon
Upper Palmetto YMCA